We Grew Richie Rich Design's Traffic by 644% Through Social Media
We increased the bottom-line revenue, website conversion rate, and decreased the customer acquisition cost by ensuring efficiency of ad spend and creating a frictionless user journey.




Monthly Revenue


Exceed growth goals across acquiring new customer Expand Richie Rich Design's online store into the international market while maintaining profitable margins Exceed growth goals across driving repeated purchases from past customers
Influencer Marketing
We sought to find influencers in the hiphop space to expand Richie Rich Design’s current audience and ultimately lead potential customers to their social channels and website. We sponsored music videos of well known hip-hop artists with the glittering accessories of Richie Rich Design. This influencer marketing campaign for Richie Rich Design worked wonders for the brand. The collaborations made a huge impact and let other artists to approach us and feature the brand.
Content Marketing
By using the content created by influencers and our lifestyle photography work we were able to engage Richie Rich Design’s existing audience, while leveraging giveaways and partnerships to increase awareness among new potential customers in the brand’s target audience. Our strategies helped make social the highest source of site traffic. On their social media accounts they saw a 359% increase in followers, 1,609% more impressions and a whopping 2,894% more engagements.‍

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