We helped Migros, Groceries App, acquire 10,000+ installs in 30 days
Migros partnered with Uyar's to accelerate Migros Online Groceries' growth by deploying rapid experimentation tactics across paid ads channels


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Ranked 3rd

on App Store
Facebook Ads
I partnered with Migros through a middle company to increase the number of downloads on their iOS applications. My challenge was pretty straightforward. Create and manage social media ads that will drive app installs.
#3 App in Appstore
Migros markets are everywhere in Turkey. People already knew the brand but the app was not being used. I developed a landing page to introduce the audience how easy it is to order groceries using the app. We implemented tracking for retargeting purposes. The landing page was simple, to the point and helped us achieve great results.
Groceries for All
I established prospecting audiences based on a combination of interests, testing interspace segments to determine which would be most successful. My campaigns helped place the app on the 3rd place on Appstore Free Apps list.

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