hello, I'm uyar 👋

In a digital realm that can feel overwhelming, I'm the quiet storm. Through unique strategies in frontend development and e-commerce, I've crafted solutions that resonate. The results? Transformative. My approach? Often considered an undiscovered gem. Whether it's a global e-commerce giant or an agile startup, I've powered diverse journeys, ensuring each footprint is distinct.

E-commerce Mastery: Spearheaded storefront transformations, culminating in upsurges at 40+ stores.

Innovative Product Management: At EZFunnels, I redefined user experiences, setting industry benchmarks.

Education & Community Building: With Sutun Academy, I've not just taught but inspired, building communities and fostering talent.

Digital Consultation: Countless projects have thrived under my guidance, each bearing a hallmark of innovation and precision.

Expertise in Action: With a strong grasp on tools ranging from JavaScript to ReactJS and Shopify, I've consistently delivered results that are not only functional but visually appealing.

Beyond Coding: For me, every project isn't just about the tech stack; it's about understanding the human need behind it and delivering a solution that fits.

If you value innovative solutions and a partner who understands your mission, let's connect and create something impactful.

My Skills

E-commerce Capabilities: Conversion Rate Optimization, Custom theme, Campaigns, Personalization, Mobile optimization, Custom checkout, Accessibility features, A/B testing, Advanced analytics, Product bundles, User-friendly navigation, Apps, Subscriptions, Site speed, Loyalty, Upselling, Cross-selling, ... and more

Coding Technologies: Javascript, ReactJS, Shopify, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, NextJS, GraphQL, REST API, MySQL, ... and more

Marketing knowledge: Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, ... and more